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Website 9. Jan, 2019


Hello, my dear friends.

Website 3. Jan, 2019



Your site is very satisfying to me.

Website 2. Aug, 2018

Aimee Tresch

Unexpectedly visiting your website, which makes me feel lucky, really a great experience.

Website 4. Jun, 2018

Sandra Kent

There is no match when it comes to your website.

25. Jan, 2018

Stephen Thomas

A very inspirational and enthusiastic group of people willing to go the distance in developing a wonderful dream to share with all. Highest of Accolades to Lord Sir Terence and Lady Tonya for making a dream in progress real, with a lot of very hard work
and more to come. A great site too....well done.

Website 24. Jan, 2018

Joey Back

Really nice site :)

Website 21. Jul, 2017


It's very informative and useful option for the daily online readers.

Website 8. Jul, 2017


I am really glad to find your site, it so helpful to me, thank u!

27. Mar, 2016


Here ye here ye!Thank you for having me out twice at ye olde medieval worldly looking good.Cheers

10. Jan, 2015



OOOO behave i'm finally on here again anyway then i love you miss tonya and terry it was so frickin awesome to see you today and spend some time with you and 1 day we will get there as i just can't wait to see the place fair dinkum
it sounds awesome
damn i'm missing you guys already love you so much thanks so much

27. Oct, 2014

Sherry Carlson

Lady Tonya, Lady Margret and
Lord Terrance what a wonderful adventure you are having with much hard work the fruits of your labour are looking very promising. I look forward to seeeing and reading all your Adventures.

I am very excited by
the extract of your book looks wonderful and can not wait to get a copy.

Till the next adventure somewhere at Victory Castle.

Website 14. Apr, 2014


Congrats. Hope it comes to plan for you both. Will look forward to the updates :)

15. Jan, 2014


This is so amazing Tonya, I love it. I'm going to enjoy your updates when we go to Perth. Hopefully we will be back to visit QLD at some point and it will all be finished... Until then 'lang may yer lum reek'!!!

Lots of love, Eilidh, Graeme, Emma
and wee Benny Boy xxxx

Alba gu Brath :)

13. Jan, 2014


Congratulations on pursuing your dream! This sounds fabulous! I wish you all the best for your future endeavours, will be sad not to see you around W.O.L x
Dee, Ryan and the boys x

12. Jan, 2014

Kellie Morris

What a fantastic dream coming true. I wish you all much success. Remember the classic line from Field of Dreams " If you build it they will come"

2. Jan, 2014


Happy New Year Tonya,
Victory Castle sounds Fantastic, if you would like wrought iron work for entry send me a pic of a idea, and i will get Rocky to make it.

1. Jan, 2014

Simone, Omar, Edward and Luciano

Congratulations Tonya, Terry and Margaret! We're so excited for you all - what a wonderful start to an amazing adventure! We will be happily following your journey and will visit you all very soon!! Xo

1. Jan, 2014

Sandi Burgess

congratulations Tonya and Terry on your new venture together.one day I will be there to see your castle. love you both.
sending new year greetings across the miles.

1. Jan, 2014


Cant wait to visit u all in yr castle. Best wishes for the pending construction. Ps i wil hav to b employed to tend to the piggies lol xxx

31. Dec, 2013

Jacquie Howard

What a grand and exciting way to start 2014! Very excited and privledged to be invited to watch your labor of love come to life... Happy New Year to you both. Love Jacquie xoxo

31. Dec, 2013

Helen Burgess

Happiest of New Years to you - all 3! It looks as though you're off to a super start. Lovely plot of land. We wish you Locke and hugs from Canada. Auntie Helen and Uncle Larry.

31. Dec, 2013


What a wonderful website and gesture to take your family and friends on your exciting journey. Will miss you Margie but what a wonderful path ahead lays waiting for the 3 of you xo

31. Dec, 2013


Very awesome introduction, I can't wait to watch you guys make your dream a reality. Best wishes now and forever BBS XX

31. Dec, 2013

Dennis Heins

Congratulations Tonya and Terry. I am so happy for you two I just can't explain it. Sandi is in bed all ready. I wish you a very Happy New Year and nothing but the best beginning now.

29. Dec, 2013


Love the website! xo