Minutes of General Meeting - 10-2-19

Minutes of General Meeting

Riverbend Medieval Society


Sunday 10th February 2019

Open – 1:20pm

Chairperson – Lady Courtney Grayden

Attendees – Listed

Apologies - Listed


  1. Proposed reimbursement of ALHF money paid by members, held in trust for the time ALHF got back to us. As we are now under ARA for individual insurance, these monies will be returned.

Moved by Lady Courtney Grayden         Seconded by Jackson Douglas

       2.    Proposed return of items donated by Dame Chris

Moved by Jenni Bryson.        Seconded by Sir Michael Thompson.

  3.       Ideas for the future fundraising ideas for the group

Round table discussion, notes on ideas were taken and will be added to in the future.

 4.       Attendance requirements were discussed, for markets etc for this season. Arrival for open days at Victory Village was put forward as 9:30am and all agreed.

 5.       Future exhibition ideas were discussed at a round table session.

 6.       Tea and treats Sundays at Victory Village was put forward as extra days to reinforce the Medieval roles each person has, starting 23rd March.

 7.       Fortnightly training at Victory Village was agreed on by all

 8.       Arena Etiquette was discussed, a Marshall for the arena was decided must attend all training days. Marshall position is still open for application.

 9.       Certificates of first aid, blue card etc were requested to be sent to the secretary.

 10.   Riverbend Medieval Society crest was voted on, unanimous decision was made.

 11.   Treasurer report delivered by Steve Bryson

 12.   Round table discussion of where situated water access for reinactors could be placed. Decision is, an Esky with water, cold towels and electrolyte drinks will be situated in the Silk Road Traders on open days.

 13.   Reimbursement for stationary paid for by Tonya was passed by all .

 14.   Amendment to the by-laws. ARA is now our chosen insurance for all reinactors.

 15.   It was agreed that all reinactors must have ARA insurance before the new season commences

 16.   Attendees from the group will pay $5 every time they attend event days at Victory Village. This will go into the group bank account. This will be added to the by-laws. Was agreed on by all.

 17.   Reminder of yearly group membership fees, to be paid before April 1

 18.   Village knowledge, Medieval persona and background was encouraged.


 Meeting Closed



Next meeting – First Sunday in April for Annual Meeting


Signed by Secretary 26-2-19