Many people drive through and perhaps stop and visit Tiaro, Queensland and it's surrounds and have no idea what to do when they get here. The info centres will give you a handful of prochures but at the end of the day it's just information. It's not e real recommendation. Below you will find an ever-growing list of things to do ... in a nutshell.

VICTORY VILLAGE AT RIVERBEND ... Your on the web page so I guess you found us, but are you aware there is an almost complete working medieval village and museum that you can tour for the cost of $5-00 per adult and secondary school children, $2-00 for short folk. Opening days are only Saturdays from 10-00 am 'til 4-00pm at the moment but that will change in the future. If you want something dofferent come along and have a look. Please wear a hat and appropriate footwear.

ALPHA 31 ... https://

This is a lovely place to visit if you appreciate art and sculptor. There is a garden and a gallery to view. Open Sundays and Wednesdays with a gold coin donation entry.

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